The O Barbanza region has spectacular panoramic views of the Galician coast, centuries-old traditions and great gastronomic attractions. The slope of the mountain range that overlooks the Ría de Arousa is home to the towns of Ribeira, A Pobra do Caramiñal, Boiro and Rianxo, each with its own identity and attractions, which are worth visiting.

Ribeira is the large urban center of Arousa Norte, with a very lively urban center and a leading port in inshore fishing. To the west of the town, facing the ocean, is the Corrubedo natural park, one of the most visited in Galicia, with a busy beach but not crowded due to its great length. The Park has established routes of different lengths and contents to explore it.

Spectacular panoramic views of the coast, centuries-old traditions and first-rate gastronomic attractions

For its part, A Pobra preserves a more traditional spirit that is combined with a high concentration of canneries and the fact that it is the first port on the continent for unloading tuna. The municipality has as its roof the mountain of A Curota, 8km from the town and with one of the most superb views of the Ría de Arousa, the Cíes, Sálvora and Ons islands; the Muros and Noia estuary and, further north, the mythical Fisterra cape. In July, A Pobra hosts a “rapa das bestas” and in September the ancient rite of the procession of the Shrouds, in which the image of the Divine Nazarene goes out in procession and travels through the center of the town accompanied by faithful, some dressed in shrouds and carrying empty coffins in gratitude for having been saved from certain death.

Boiro has a varied commercial, hospitality and tourist offer based on beaches such as Barraña in the urban area. Rianxo is, on the contrary, tranquility, with its small center linked to some of the most important figures in the political and literary history of Galicia, such as Castelao, Manuel Antonio or Rafael Dieste. In the second half of September, the Sunday following the 8th, the town celebrates the festival of Guadalupe, the dark-skinned Virgin.

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